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The digital landscape has become extremely complex, making it difficult for you to master your business.

Since 2009, we’ve grown businesses from local to international scale, from thousands to millions, from one to multiple retail stores.

Therefore, we’ve created a unique support based on a solid methodology that enables us to make data scientists collaborate with art directors.


Make it simple.
but meaningful

1.  We audit your business

We always start by listening to your ideas. Thanks to our segmentation workshops, we  identify your business opportunities and propose solutions that you may not have thought of before! We are committed to building a solution that is tailored to your ambitions.


2.  Together, we define your objectives

Once we’ve identified the opportunities, we help you turn your ideas into practical objectives by setting up your Joint Business Plan to shed light on your path.

3.  we move to action wisely

Together, we set a clear roadmap, prioritizing projects according to their impact. Our consultants bring their expertise to make sure each project will succeed and give you the support you deserve.

4.  we help your team grow

There is no business without people. No success without shared knowledge. 

That’s why we think it’s essential to train your teams during exclusive workshops. We offer you the chance to enter Google's exclusive programs that’ll make your team more qualified.


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Digital marketing should be the first source of value creation but we believe that it can’t be achieved without creative ideas and a long lasting collaboration.

Together, let’s create the business of your dreams: the one you control and are excited about.

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Understanding your business opportunities

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Launching first-party data automated campaigns

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Driving more margin from all your traffic sources

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Telling your brand’s story and monetising your audience

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How did Japan Experience massively grow an organic audience on TikTok in less than 3 months?

10 May, 2022 · 

1 min

Early 2022, Better&Stronger helped the travel company Japan Experience develop a social media toolkit to create a massive organic community on the rising platform Tiktok. In less than 3 ...

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Hotelissima improved their closing rate by 2 points thanks to segmentation and personalized emailing campaigns

22 April, 2022 · 

1 min

Early 2022, Hotelissima wanted to increase their closing rate between their open quotes and bookings to boost the overall revenue. Success wasn’t lacking: in only 2 months, we managed to ...

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Timberland gains visibility & consideration in the eyes of Gen Z, thanks to a unique gaming experience on Twitch

04 March, 2022 · 

1 min

In 2022, Timberland approached Better&Stronger to overcome three key issues: telling their story in a cutting-edge way, targeting a young audience thanks to a gaming prism, and ...

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