Updated : 12/16/2021



This Cookie Management Policy is intended for Users of the BETTER & STRONGER website accessible at the following address: (hereinafter "the Website"). A User is defined as any person who accesses or browses the Website (hereinafter referred to as "User").

The User who expresses their consent through a clear positive act, consents that cookies and other trackers as described below may be stored on their stationary or mobile computing device, tablet, smartphone, or any other terminal equipment, in accordance with this Cookie Management Policy. However, the User may withdraw their consent at any time as they browse the Website.

To learn more about the way we manage your personal data, you can read our Privacy Policy.


What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small file saved on your computer as you browse the Website, regardless of the device you are using. 


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The cookie allows storage of information regarding the User's browsing and online behavior, which allows us to simplify and improve the User's experience as an Internet user.


If they are not strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the Website, the placement of cookies on the User’s device requires the User’s prior consent. 


Why do we use cookies?

In accordance with the CNIL's various deliberations and recommendations, we are informing the Website's Users that cookies record information that is stored in their hard drive's memory. This information is used to generate:

  • Audience measurement cookies: these cookies are used to establish Website traffic statistics. Our goal is to improve our service, and to provide the User with optimal comfort when visiting our Website

  • Functional and technical cookies: these cookies are used to authenticate the User, identify them, speed up their browsing on our Website and ease access to its various features. They can also allow us to offer services according to the information that Users have already selected during their previous visits, by saving their preferences, saving the User's choices in terms of cookies, or measuring the different ways of using the Website.


Who collects my data?

The controller of your data collected via the Website is BETTER & STRONGER, a simplified joint stock company with a share capital of 270,000 euros, registered in the Lyon Trade and Companies Register under the number B 529 770 372, located at 7 Place du Griffon 69001 Lyon.

Some providers of the cookies used by BETTER & STRONGER may process the information they have collected on their own behalf. In that case, the User is advised to consult the cookie providers' privacy policy to obtain further information on how they carry out their processing operations.


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The controller is the person who determines the purposes and means of the processing, as defined by the French Computing and Civil Liberties Act of January 6, 1978 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 (hereinafter "GDPR"). If several controllers determine the purposes and means of the processing, they shall be referred to as joint controllers.


The processor is the person processing personal data on behalf of the controller. The processor acts under the authority of and on the instructions of the controller.


What cookies do we use?

We favour transparency in the processing of your data. 

To this end, and to ensure that your information is as clear as possible, you will find below the various cookies used on the Website and their purposes.

The cookies found on our Website are the following:




Retention period

Facebook Pixels

Track conversions generated by Facebook ads

13 months


Google Analytics cookie to store and update a unique value for each page visited.

1 day


Google Analytics cookie used to calculate visitor, session and campaign data for Website analytics reports.

13 months


Used by Google AdSense to analyze return on ads and especially conversions.

13 months


Keeps track of a visitor's identity. It is sent to HubSpot when a form is submitted.

13 months


Cookie used to track conversions generated by LinkedIn ads.

13 months


Used for the cookie management tool on the Website.

13 months


Follows up on the sessions

Expires under 30 minutes


Determines if the User has reset their browser

Expires at the end of the session


Visitor tracking cookie

13 months

Google ads

Cookie used to analyze return on ads and especially conversions

13 months


How to set up social networks?

By clicking on the social networks’ icons on our website and if the User has accepted the deposit of cookies by browsing the website, these social networks may also place cookies on the User's devices.

The User can refer to the data protection policy of these social networks to set said cookies.


How do I manage cookie settings on my computer?

Any User of the Website can object to the saving of "cookies" by setting their browser software in the following way(s):

  • Open a private browser window;
  • Setting cookies via the "Cookies" Widget available on the home page of our Website;
  • Setting the computer to pop-up a window asking you to accept, customize, or decline cookies on a site-by-site or systematic basis; and
  • Any other means available to the User.

At any time, the User may choose to express and modify their preferences with regard to cookies. 

By refusing the so-called "technical" cookies, the User expressly accepts that this refusal may cause malfunctions and lead to disruptions on the Website. 

The User may also set up their browser to define their preferences regarding the use of cookies:


The User may also set their browser to accept or reject cookies on a case-by-case basis before they are placed, or to delete cookies from their device. The User is informed that by setting their browser to refuse all cookies, certain features of our website may not be accessible and our Company's responsibility or the host's cannot be sought in this respect.

For more information on how cookies work, the User may refer to the CNIL's website via the following link:

Why do we collect Users’ IP address?

Each computer connected to the Internet has an IP address. As soon as a User browses the Website, we collect their IP address to make sure that the User is able to access the Website in optimal display conditions and to identify any unusual operation of the Website.

The following information may be collected by BETTER & STRONGER: the IP address, the identifier of the User's device, the metadata of the User's computer (date, time of use, configuration, language preferences, etc.) or the geographical area of your connection.

Under no circumstances does BETTER & STRONGER use any other tracking devices, fingerprinting techniques or identifiers generated by third party software to analyze User behavior.


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Metadata from the User's computer includes information processed in an electronic communications network for the purpose of transmission, distribution or exchange of electronic communications content generated while the User is browsing the Internet.


To what extent is your consent collected?

BETTER & STRONGER may install so-called "technical" cookies that allow access, entry and consulting of information stored on the User's device. The installation of said cookies does not involve prior consent but is based on the pursuit of BETTER & STRONGER's legitimate interest in ensuring the proper functioning of the Website.

These cookies are:

  • Cookies that enable or simplify the transmission of electronic communication;
  • Cookies that are strictly necessary for the provision of an online communication service on the Website; and
  • Cookies intended to save the User's choice regarding placement of cookies.

In any case, the User is informed of the reasons for which we collect their data via the various online data collection forms or via our  Privacy Policy.

Beforehand, a banner appears where each person visiting the Website is asked if they wish to:

  • "Accept all": refers to the action by which the User accepts cookies, it being specified that these cookies do not contain any confidential information about Users of the Website.
  • "Refuse all": refers to the action by which the User refuses cookies.
  • "Personalize my choices": refers to the action by which the User can customize their preferences according to purpose.


Thus, the User of the Website visiting the home page or another page directly from a search engine will be informed of:

  • The specific purposes of the cookies used; and
  • the possibility to refuse these cookies and to change the settings by clicking on a link in the banner.

In order to guarantee the free, informed and unequivocal consent of the User visiting the Website, the banner will not disappear until the User has kept on browsing.

Unless the User has given prior consent, cookies will not be placed or read:

  • if any person who visits the Website (home page or directly on another page of the Website from a search engine for example) does not keep on browsing: the mere lack of action cannot be considered as an expression of will; or
  • if they click on the link in the banner allowing them to set the cookie settings and, if necessary, refuse the deposit of cookies.


What are the retention periods? 

The information stored on your device (e.g.: cookies) or any other element used to identify you for audience statistics is not kept for more than thirteen (13) months. This period is not automatically extended when you visit our website again.

The technical information necessary for the User's browsing is kept for a period of six (6) months.

However, the information collected through trackers may be kept for a maximum of twenty-five (25) months.

After these retention periods, your data is either deleted or anonymized, making it impossible to identify you and this irreversibly.


What are the User’s rights?

In accordance with the French Computing and Civil Liberties Act and the GDPR, the User has the following rights:

  • to access (Article 15 GDPR), rectify (Article 16 GDPR), update, complete their personal data;
  • Right to lock or erase their data (article 17 GDPR), when it is inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, outdated, or when its collection, use, communication or storage is prohibited;
  • Right to withdraw consent at any time (Article 13-2c GDPR);
  • Right to limit the processing of their data (Article 18 GDPR);
  • Right to the portability of the data that the User has provided, when their data is subject to automated processing based on their consent or on a contract (Article 20 GDPR);
  • Right to object to the processing of their data (Article 21 GDPR); and
  • Right to determine the outcome of their data after their death and to allow that we communicate (or not) their data to a third party that the User will have previously designated (Article 48 of the French Computing and Civil Liberties Act).  


In the event of death and in the absence of instructions from the person, we undertake to destroy the data, except where its retention is necessary for probationary purposes or to meet a legal obligation.

The User may exercise their rights by using one of the following means: 

  • Either by email, at the following address:
  • Or by mail to the following address Better&Stronger - 7, Place du Griffon, 69001 Lyon

Finally, the User may also file a complaint with the supervisory authorities and in particular with the CNIL (Article 77 of the GDPR).


To what extent is the Cookie Policy updated?

We may update this Cookie Policy to reflect changes in the cookies we use for instance, or for other operational, legal or regulatory reasons. We encourage each User to review this Policy regularly to stay informed about our use of cookies and related technologies.

The date at the top of this Policy is the date it was last updated.